Monday, January 7, 2008

Blogs - Useful as KM tool?

Here are a number of links to blogs which have information regarding the knowledge management process:

In addition to the useful content on each site, you will notice the different layout of each blog. For instance, the third link goes to a site which is mostly topical headings followed by links to other sites, while the first two are text-filled entries with complementary links found throughout the text.
These links also show that even if Blogs are not the best tool for KM, they are a good forum for presenting information related to KM. ha!

However, as a case for Blogs as KM tools, I would like to cite some points from a post on Joho the Blog: (Emphasis added)
"I continue to believe that for many companies the best path to blogging is by using them internally as a knowledge management tool. The dream of KM has been that people will write down what they know. KM regimes, however, have assumed they would have to discipline people into doing that. Blogs entice people to write down what they know and to share it widely. A project blog or a department blog not only surfaces and shares knowledge, it also makes it searchable and archives it. And once a company gets used to internal blogs, it's only natural (if anything about a corporation can be said to be natural) to open up some blogs to trusted customers and partners, bringing them into the intellectual bloodstream of the organization. And then why not open some blogs more widely? Thus companies inch their way into the blogosphere. "

This site offers additional perspectives on Blogs as KM tools:


MEC said...

Me parece una exclente iniciativa y de solo leer un par de entradas ya aprendi mucho.

Comparto un par de links en español sobre KM y Blogs que espero sea util.

Espero que otros colegas provean mas fuentes y recurosos.

Felicitaciones Klye y Karen por la iniciativa.



Lina said...

Podríamos usar este medio para comunicación y consulta sobre tematicas claves entre la gerencia y los miembros de KNL. Tambien le podríamos pensar si tendrían utilidad para apoyar la idea del "market place".

Felicitaciones por el esfuerzo!